Hukilike No Maui Meets with Governor Ige and Ag Chair Enright

Four representatives of the Farming, Affordable Housing, and Conservation efforts of Hukilike No Maui met with Governor Ige on July 28, 2018 to present our vision and request his support. There was good discussion and the meeting should help in moving the work forward to get the former cane lands on Maui into regenerative agriculture, affordable housing in sustainable communities, and conservation of sensitive areas.

For Hukilike we had Vincent Mina (President of Hawaii Farmers Union United), John Dobovan (President of the Haleakala Chapter of HFUU), Stan Franco (Housing Chair of FACE Maui), and Rob Weltman (President of Sierra Club Maui Group).

At the recommendation of the Governor’s office, a further meeting was held with Chairperson Scott Enright of the Department of Agriculture on September 26, 2018. That meeting was attended by John Dobovan, Stan Franco, and Rob Weltman.