Letter to the Editor: “A&B’s negligence putting lives and property at risk”

Letter to the Editor published in The Maui News

A&B’s negligence putting lives and property at risk

Who will be liable for loss of life and property due to Alexander & Baldwin’s negligence leaving thousands of acres of cane to burn across this island? Our public schools, homes, churches and businesses are all at risk as the cane is not replaced, plowed under or mowed down. Does A&B just walk away from its responsibilities while still trying to horde the public’s water?

I’ve been calling our representatives for months in what was obvious to me (and I’m no genius) but have gotten no response from council members or Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

The recent fires should be a warning call. Maui needs to be equipped with a Super Scooper fire plane and A&B land should confiscated by eminent domain unless it cleans up its act.

Bruce Oatway


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