Our Goals

Agriculture Goals

Use regenerative farming techniques to grow food and energy crops
  • Restore our soil quality
  • Ensure water is fairly shared and not wasted
Increase local food security and jobs
    • Establish local food processing facilities (ex. Canneries, fruit dryers, juicers)
    • Reduce waste of existing locally grown food
Integrate diversified farms with housing
  • Support efforts to reform zoning rules to permit more farmers to live on or near their farms

Affordable Housing Goals

Build more affordable housing faster
  • There has to be a balance between speeding up the process and taking in the community’s input
  • Facilitate the creation of a County Affordable Housing Advocate
  • Revise the permitting process to ensure affordable housing developers are able to build quicker with lower costs while still taking into account the community’s wants and ensuring a small environmental footprint
  • Explore county or state purchase or lease of land for housing
  • Ensure affordability in perpetuity
Create livable communities with green space corridors
  • Mixed communities: rentals mixed with home buyers, mixed economic backgrounds
  • Easy access to work, schools, easily walkable, public transportation, green spaces, needs pathways, small businesses, places of worship, community centers
Design for a small environmental footprint
  • All development planning must take into account how required infrastructure (i.e., wastewater, roads) will impact surrounding communities (scarcity, pollution, traffic, etc.)

Conservation & Preservation Goals

Protect our special places
  • Protect places listed in Maui Island Plan and Community Plans that were marked for preservation for environmental, recreational, or cultural reasons
    • Protect endangered species and wildlife habitat, from mauka to makai
    • Do not build in flood plain and tsunami zones
Preserve cultural sites and resources
    • Support the active practice of cultural rights
    • Protect important sites, such as sand dune burials in Central Maui
Enhance recreational opportunities
    • Preserve our coastal shorelines and beach access